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China EV-Power Battery Series Technology Salon, a top brand in China, is the only one which is systematic and step-propelled, each chapter is focusing on one topic for deeply discussion. 

The event has been successfully held in China for 9 times from June 2011 to June 2017. 180 experts and business representatives,  including Academician Liquan Chen and Academician Yusheng Yang of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Director Zidong Wang of State-assigned Electric Vehicle Power Battery Testing Center, Director Jinming Niu and Associate Director Guiru Chen of Beijing New Energy Vehicle Promotion Center, Researcher Xuejie Huang of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Director Xiaokang Lai of China Electric Power Research Institute, as well as the representatives from JARI Battery Special Committee, VDMA, KBIA, Toyota, Nissan, BMW, Honda, BAIC, Yutong, Beiqi Foton, Chongqing Changan, Wuhan trial operation of electric vehicle company, Tianjin Qingyuan, Potevio, Jiexin, wanxiang, Boston, Pride, e-power, Siemens, Advanced Electronics Energy, HUYU, Hefei Guoxuan, Pulead, STL, Duofuduo, katop, Shining, CREE, GIGA Solar, General Lithium(Haimen)Corporation, AVL, HEL, Chroma, Celgard, Yokogawa, Honeywell etc., made the presentation. More than 1800 delegates attended the conference and had intense discussion. The event is not only a booster but also a bridge of electric vehicle enterprises and battery enterprises, and it has caught the attention of both inside and outside the industry because of its high specification and authority.  


Look Ahead — China EV-Power Battery Series Technology Salon(2017) 2017/11/24
Pragmatic, open and efficient —— China EV-Power Battery Market Technology Summit 2015/6/10
Opening the Window of EV Market in Future --China EV-Power Battery Series Technology Salon Chapter 5 2014/8/29
EVTec China--China EV Market Exploration and Innovation Conference 2013/12/26
Subject of Chapter 4:Manufacturing Technique of Power Battery 2013/6/24
China EV-Power Battery Series Technology Salon – Summary of Chapter 1- 3 The conclusion 2012/12/18
Subject of Chapter 3: Use (Rent, Maintenance, Charging), Test and Evaluation of Power Battery 2012/4/6
Subject of Chapter 2: Requirements of Battery System from users’ perspective 2011/10/10
Subject of Chapter 1: How to understand Power Battery correctly 2011/6/27
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