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A、 Battery
a、By Battery Type
Lithium Ion Batteries, Lead Acid Batteries, Super-capacitor/Ultra-capacitor, Nickel Hydrogen Batteries, Sodium Sulfur Cells, Redox Flow Batteries, Solid-Electrolyte Cells, Conductive Polymer Batteries, Zinc-air Batteries, Silver Zinc Batteries, Nickel Zinc Batteries, Zinc Manganese Batteries, Alkaline Manganese Batteries (including Rechargeable ones), all kinds of Button Cell Batteries, Primary Lithium Battery, Thermal Batteries, Fuel Batteries, Solar Batteries and other new type batteries;
b、By Battery Application
Batteries used in cell-phones, laptops, camcorders and other digital products; various instruments batteries; walkie-talkie batteries, cordless phone batteries; communication power batteries; emergency lighting batteries; UPS power supply system batteries; power switchgear batteries; wind power, solar power, wind and solar systems, solar street light, lawn lamp, landscape lights, traffic lights and other power storage batteries; power tools, electric toys, electric ship, electric bicycles, electric motorcycles, electric vehicles, hybrid electric vehicles and other EV power batteries (pack) and BMS; starter batteries used in cars, motorcycles, aircraft, ships, etc.; railway locomotive batteries; military equipment batteries and other special use batteries.
B、 Solar Cells, Systems and Application Products
silicon solar cells and materials; thin film solar cells and materials; solar cell transparent packaging materials; solar cell and its module product machine and testing equipments; solar street lamps, lawn lamps, traffic lights, etc.; solar chargers; user photovoltaic power, grid-connected photovoltaic systems and photovoltaic power transmission and distribution equipments; wind power and photovoltaic hybrid systems; inverter; measure and control system; solar system control software
C、 Battery Raw Materials, Battery Parts
Manganese powder, EMD, zinc (including mercury-free zinc powder), graphite powder, etc. and other material for primary batteries; nickel hydroxide, nickel, hydrogen storage alloys, lithium cobalt(iii) oxide, lithium manganese oxide, LFP, modified graphite, etc. and other separator materials for secondary batteries; battery additives, adhesives; battery shells and other components; various component molds and process equipments, lead-acid battery materials and parts.
D、 Producing Equipments, Battery Testing Equipments
Battery production equipments and processing lines; battery products automatic packaging machines, labeling machines, marking machines; battery product testing and quality control technology, experiment and testing equipment; computer technology used in battery production, testing application and equipments; battery research, battery performance testing/monitoring equipments.
E、 Smart Chargers Used on Secondary Batteries, EV Charging Station (Pile) and Related Facilities
Intelligent network for charging station, EV charging station products, charging station power distribution equipments, rechargeable batteries and BMS, park charging facilities and smart monitoring equipments, charging stations power supply solutions, charging station - smart grid solutions, etc
F、 Wastes (waste water, gas, materials) Treat Equipments; Technology and Equipment for Batteries  Recycle Use
G、 Electric Vehicles, Electric Bicycles and other Electric Transport Tools 
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