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Subject of Chapter 4:Manufacturing Technique of Power Battery
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Subject :  Manufacturing Technique of Power Battery

Date:     Jun 18th – 19th, 2013

Location : The Radisson Blu Hotel Beijing





            State-assigned Electric Automobile Rechargeable

Battery Testing Center

Wang Zidong   Director



       Institute of Physics Chinese Academy of Sciences

       Huang Xuejie   Vice Director




      Beijing New Energy Automobile Development Center

     Chen Guiru  Vice Director



     Japan Automobile Research Institute

      Yoshitaka Asakura  President



       Dongguan Hi-Zon Machinery Co. , Ltd

       Huang Chunzhang  President



       BYD Company Limited

       He Long    Vice President



      Honda R&D Co., Ltd.

      Koichi Shinmura   Senior Chief Engineer



      BMW Group

       Mr.Stefan Prasser   Manager





      Zhang Xuefeng   Manager




      Zhou Yanjia   Deputy Director of Product

Planning Department



     Shenzhen Auto-Energy Technology Limited

      Liu Lijun   General Manager




      Hubei Techpow Electric Co.,Ltd.

      Li dinggen    Technical director



       Time Ultrasonic

      Tian Hanrong   President



       UL-CCIC Company Limited

       Lian Jinxin    General Manager



      Beijing Sevenstar Huachuang Electronic Co.,Ltd.

      Jin Lu   General Manager



            Shenzhen Katop Automation Technology Co., Ltd.

Shandong Quantum Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd.

Liu Kai   Doctor





Tu Wei   Manager




           Shenzhen Geesun Automation Technology Co.,Ltd.

Yang Rukun    General Manager



     Shenzhen Repower Industrial Co.Ltd.

      Mao Guangfu   General Manager




      Fuzhou Nebula Electronic Automation Co.,Ltd.

        Liu Zuobin    Director



      Manz Tübingen GmbH

      Marco Stehr   Head of Sales Li-Ion Battery



      Scienlab Electronic Systems GmbH

      Roger Uhlenbrock    Managing Director 





       Lie Shi  Vice President of Research & Development




      Yang Haipeng   Chief Representative






    Beijing Huashengyuantong Technology Co., Ltd.

         Guan Dayou   Manager



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