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Subject of Chapter 2: Requirements of Battery System from users’ perspective
日期:2011/10/10               浏览次数:1149

Subject of Chapter 2: Requirements of Battery System from users’ perspective

Date: Sep. 27-28, 2011 
Location: Hangzhou Jinma Palace

Speaker/ Title

Company (Institute)


Wang Zidong / Director

State-assigned Electric Automobile Rechargeable Battery Testing Center


Jiang Jiuchun / Dean

Beijing Jiaotong University


Mr. Stuetz Harald

AVL List


Yuan (John) Li / General Manager

Advanced Traction Battery Systems (ATBS), SAIC / A123 Systems Joint Venture


Piao Changhao / Professor

Chongqing Changan Automobile Company Limited
Chongqing University of Post and Telecommunications


Li Chenggang / General Manager

Dow Kokam China


Qi Xiaodong / Manager

Shenzhen Katop Automation Technology Co., Ltd.


Yang Yusheng / Academician of CAE

Chinese Academy of Engineering


Dong Ming / President

CENS Energy-Tech Co., Ltd.


Li Xinhong / 
Vice President

Beijing Pride Power System Technology Limited


Yun Yongjun 

GCL Auto Power Battery Co., Ltd.


Fang Yingmin / 
Vice General Manager

Harbin GuanTuo Power Co., Ltd.


Stefan Prasser / Manager

BMW Group


Yi Ruqing / 
General Manager

Suzhou Qihao Tech Co.,Ltd.


Lu Sihong / Manager

Advanced Electronics Energy Limited


Yang Huachun / Vice General Manager



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